Mark Cuban's Solange Joke At the Billboard Music Awards Is Unbelievable

Of course, one would expect to hear a lot of crazy things come out of people's mouths during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, but I can pretty much guess that no one thought Mark Cuban would decide to joke about physical violence at Solange Knowles' expense. During the show, Cuban — the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and, more importantly, an investor on Shark Tank — decided to make a complete ass of himself by saying, "We just spent $3.2M to buy a hot new company called 'Beatdown by Solange.'" His Shark Tank co-star, Kevin O'Leary, followed it up by saying, "That was a great, great elevator pitch." Yup, they tried to be relevant and funny, but, instead, he took it too far. No wonder he was totally booed by some people in the audience (although, it should have been everyone booing).

It's one thing to make comical commentary on current pop culture events, but it's another thing completely when it involves making jokes about violence. Apparently basketball owners — cough, Donald Sterling, cough — haven't figured out what's okay to say and what's not. Saying absolutely nothing would have been less offensive and awkward than what he chose to do, because whatever happened between Jay-Z and Solange was serious enough to lead to violence, and that's not something to make light of. We already see way too much violence on TV, and for some reason, that makes everyone else think it's okay joke about it. Newsflash, it's not. Violence in the real world happens all of the time, and the last thing we need is for people to think it's the norm.


The worst part is that they think they're being so, so funny. The smug looks on their face say it all. In fact, they're exactly like the "bad comic" that Kyle Mooney plays on Saturday Night Live, only ten times worse. Too bad SNL is done for the season, otherwise we'd definitely get to see a sketch or Weekend Update joke about their lack of self-awareness.

Mark Cuban, all I can say is that you better start running as fast as you can because the Beygency is officially after you. (And everyone else who has the common sense to know that that joke was the worst. Leave the speaking to your PR reps.)