Robin Thicke: Still a Resident of The Doghouse

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton may not be back together (yet), but Thicke will be damned if he stops trying to get his wife to change her mind about their separation now. At Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards, Thicke made sure there were absolutely no lines that could possibly be blurred between him and Patton when he performed his new single, "Get Her Back." There are a lot of lyrics in Thicke's new song, but all of them come down to this: He's gotta go get her, go get her, go get her back. Hard to imagine the single isn't related to his separation.

I'll give you this, Thicke: You gave a solid performance. The song isn't half bad, and the lyrics really are sweet. The song had a cute, John Mayer-y vibe to it. Thicke is obviously a seasoned entertainer. But if he's hoping for this attempt to finally be the one that makes Patton come running back to plan a vow renewal, I have a feeling he's going to end up disappointed.

And if I were Patton? I'm pretty sure I'd take my husband constantly (and publicly) begging to take him back as a total turn off. I don't want the entire world hearing about how you've been bad and you should have treated me right; I want you to actually treat me right when you have the chance. And I highly doubt Patton appreciates the fact that the entire world is in on her personal relationship baggage... or that she's undoubtedly receiving guilt trips for being too hard on Thicke. He's obviously sorry, right?

But we don't know what's going on behind closed doors. And who knows? Maybe the two have already reconciled (his speech earlier in the night certainly seemed to hint at such), and Thicke is just keeping up the act because we can't stop watching him look semi-pathetic in front of large crowds (and the TMZ paparazzi cameras) on a regular basis. Plus, it sells singles! When — and if — Patton takes Thicke back, I'll be happy for them... as long as it was Patton's decision, public pressure not taken into consideration.