'Guardians of the Galaxy' Trailer Finally Features Chris Pratt & Actual Plot Points — VIDEO

Although the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer looked promising, the newest release finally shows us what Starlord can do, beyond flipping off the camera. We see Chris Pratt, who plays Peter Quill/Starlord bringing the team together, giving pep talks, and leading them into battle for the galaxy. Finally, a trailer that shows the serious side of this action film, and reveals a tiny bit more plot.

Peter Quill will clearly be the central character in this band of misfits, although the other Guardians also get moments of introduction in this installment. We see a possible love story between Gamora and Starlord, as well as some more quippy one-liners from Rocket Raccoon. And Groot finally says his strong-man catchphrase: "I am Groot." There is also a debate currently raging about the pinkish hand glimpsed in the trailer, which could easily belong to either Thanos or Ronan, both possible villains for the franchise.

Some have called Guardians a "gamble" for Disney and Marvel, which could either yield a large-scale franchise or a one-off cult film that bombs next to blockbusters like X-Men: Days of Future Past. Whatever your feelings on this irreverent venture into cosmic Marvel mythology, this trailer shows that Guardians is ready to bring the funk.