Meet the App That Will Help You Orgasm

by Marisa Riley

So, I think we’ve gone a little too far with the whole “there’s an app for everything” mentality. Last week, Apple rejected Happy Playtime, an app designed to help women masturbate, the Daily Dot reports.

Tina Gong, the app’s designer, created Happy PlayTime to teach women how to masturbate with the help of a cartoon vulva named Happy. Though the almost-app sounds x-rated at first, it was actually designed to be a sex education game. In the "lessons," you receive instructions from Happy, like "make a circular motion here." While it seems that information on masturbation could be very useful to some women, the vagina-shaped pink, plush toy that serves as the app's mascot is a little distracting.

Here's Happy:

Gong's intentions behind the app, however, are actually very good. The mission statement, posted on Happy PlayTime's site, clearly states that this game is meant to help educate women about masturbation who aren't comfortable with the idea:

Unfortunately for many women, there has been a cultural stigma that blocks access to self-stimulation. HappyPlayTime is here to eliminate this barrier as much as possible. By talking openly and lightheartedly about female masturbation, we are taking the first step to becoming truly sexually liberated.

Like I said, good intentions!

According to the Huffington Post, Apple rejected the game for the first time on account of it being "too graphic" for the 12 and up audience Gong originally proposed. Then, after raising the age to 17+, Apple still wasn't interested, saying they didn't believe it was "appropriate for the app store."

Though the game apparently didn't fit in with Apple's anti-porn, anti-nudity terms and conditions, other sex-related games have made the App Store's cut, ones that are far more explicit than Gong's. Business Insider recently posted a list detailing a few sex-centered apps currently available for purchase/download on the app store — one of which is called "MyVibe." This app allows users to make their iPhones vibrate continuously. Yeah.

Although Happy PlayTime perhaps isn't executed as well as it could be, the fact that Apple chose an app that physically stimulates over one that just educates is pretty hilarious.

I'm guessing this might have something to do with presentation. The idea of educating women on sexual self expression isn't a bad one — presenting it as what appears from a distance as a children's game however, is. Perhaps with a bit of tweaking, Happy PlayTime could one day appear in the Apple Store.