'Degrassi' is Back This Summer and We Can't Wait After Watching This Promo —VIDEO

It's been a long time since Drake graced the hallways of Degrassi High, but the Canadian teen soap opera is still going strong. From its first iteration in 1989 to its current home on MTV the young Canucks of Degrassi have brought us into the dark world of high school class elections, boy drama, girl drama, love, lust, grades, and parents that just don't understand. Though it's a staple in Canadian coming of age, it's a bit of a hidden gem for American audiences. The latest generation of Degrassi kids live on MTV (and Teen Nick because you need more than one source for Canadian teen soaps) and they are returning this summer with more drama-rama than you can shake a hockey stick at.

The Degrassi Summer season promises lots of romance, bikinis, scandalous pool parties (well as much as you can get away with teenagers), gossip, and about a million reasons to say "OH MY GAWD." Oh Degrassi, how we've missed you. Who'da thunk it would be our neighbors from the Great White North would be the ones heating things up this summer?

Sure, the teens on Degrassi are painfully more fashionable than you and every other "adult" you know, but we promise, the show is well worth the investment. Think of it as the grown-up version of Bug Juice or Undressed Lite. Check out the clip below:


Image: MTV Canada