Use This To Protect Your Skin This Summer

This past winter, my lips got chapped and STAYED that way. No soothing solace came from my normal medicated lip balm and eventually I feared my lips were just addicted to that fun tingly sensation. Similarly, I found absolutely no comfort from the all-natural lip balm I resorted to shelling out eight bucks for, and eventually my prized winter red lipstick started to just flake off my stressed out lips.

Finally, I came to terms with my dire pucker situation, and realized that all these goopy formulas were merely covering up a larger problem. Why wouldn't my lips stay moisturized?! After I convinced myself that this wasn't the biggest beauty problem I could have, I decided to take a step back and really consider my lips' needs.

Here's the tricky thing y'all, the more chapped my lips felt the more I wanted to lick them and the more licking the more chapping — basically, the ultimate in beauty catch 22's. The first thing I had to do was cut off the addiction immediately. Then, I set out to find a product that was rich in antioxidants, hydrating, and could heal scars like a boss. My choice ingredient? Vitamin E!

You've most likely heard the awesome things that vitamin E can do for you when ingested orally: it's an organic boost to your immune system, a warrior against several cancers, and prevents stroke-induced brain damage. When applied topically, vitamin E interacts directly with skin cells, neutralizing free radicals on site, thus keeping you wrinkle free as well as super fly and moisturized! Vitamin E helps slow down the appearance of aging and potentially lower the risk of skin cancer. It can also protect your skin and scalp while healing damaged skin and scar tissue.

After some experimenting with oil cleansing, detangling, and deep conditioning, I found that vitamin E can be a master ingredient when paired appropriately in beauty regimens. Bonus points because it is basically odorless. Extra bonus points for not clogging my pores! Fair warning, often vitamin E oil is marketed as just that, but can sometimes contains additional natural ingredients. A label check is definitely in order if you like to keep the amount of ingredients to a minimum.

Now, let's bust open those vitamin E capsules for a few easy beauty DIYs.


Badger - Sunscreen All Natural, $13, Amazon

What happens when equal parts of vitamin C and vitamin E get together in a small jar? Natural protection from the sun! Vitamin E protects against cell mutation caused by sun and pollution exposure, while vitamin C provides additional protection against acute UVB damage. Because limited research is available on the combination of vitamin C and E as a natural sunscreen for the sun, I recommend using your judgment on individual past experiences with UV rays — if you burn easily, you might need a little extra something. If anything, this vitamin combo will work wonders under a natural over-the-counter sunscreen.

Skin Brightening

Dark spots plague me, and I'm always looking for a way to lighten those suckers without damaging or drying the sensitive skin tissue on my face. If you are super sensitive to heavy oils, try diluting your vitamin E with an antiseptic like jojoba or grape seed oil but, if not? You can apply vitamin E directly on your scars or blemishes. I definitely recommend going for it if you're trying to lighten a scar on an area that isn't your face. This is my go-to beauty secret for healing those pesky mosquito bites that are soon to be a regular occurrence!

Natural Lip Balm

Winter winds might not be plaguing your pucker, but it's still great to keep a balm on hand for the summer. This recipe for making your own lip balm is quick and easy! Here's what you'll need:

· 1/4 tsp of vitamin E

· 2 tablespoons of coconut oil

· 3 drops of lavender oil

· 1 tsp of beeswax (best if grated)

· 1/2 tsp of raw honey

Heat all your ingredients up either by microwave or stovetop, stirring frequently until your mixtures is completely melted. Let your new lip balm cool (and harden) in the storage container you plan to use — I like to use the small containers found in travel section of most pharmacies. If you are gifting your lip balm, tea candle holders are great containers but be sure they come with lids to keep the finished product fresh!