It's Now Official: SPF Prevents Wrinkles, So Use These 5 Sunscreens ASAP

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Daily SPF. It’s a personal obsession, but one of the healthier ones I can think of. And now, the routine has been given the thumbs-up by science for the first time: The Annals of Internal Medicine found that wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day would decrease skin aging (wrinkles and course texture) by 24 percent. That's a lot. What’s key is that the sunscreen is labeled broad-spectrum SPF (that means it will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays,) and a minimum of SPF 15. SPF 50 will offer the most protection, but anything labeled higher than SPF 50 isn't doing much extra for you. There are a few different ways to get protection: as a primer, layered over face cream, or playing double duty AS moisturizer. What follows: Some of the best broad-spectrum SPFs on the market. [Image: Fotolia]

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