'The Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman's Stance On Career vs. Love Is a Little Disappointing

During Monday night's pre-limo-arrival introduction on the Bachelorette Season 10 premiere, Andi Dorfman gave us a look at her #bossbitch job as a district attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. And it was awesome. She's accomplished, bright, and obviously very successful. After we toured her courtroom and saw where she works, she dove into why she's so ready to be the next Bachelorette. The 26-year-old said she's tired of being alone, so when this opportunity arose, she had to take it. Here's how Andi introduced herself at the start of Monday night's premiere:

I love my job, my family, my friends but I get a second chance at this insanely amazing opportunity and this is my shot at love. My shot at enjoying my life with somebody. To me the opportunity to meet someone the hopefully and potentially is the love of my life. I mean, that's the easy decision - that doesn't mean it's not scary, but at the end of the day finding true love blows all of that out of the water.

Obviously, good for Andi — we're all allowed to want what we want — and if she wants to find the love of her life, that's cool. Standard Bachelorette #goals right there. But that doesn't make it any less disappointing, though, because every Bachelor fan knows that when she says "love," she means "a husband." Because, well, that's what this show is all about — not that "natural romance" crap Juan Pablo and Nikki tried to force-feed audiences earlier this year. (Sad, but true that audiences really want that wedding and not a naturally evolving romance.)

If we take what Andi's saying at face-value here, she's more or less telling us that marriage is the most important thing — more important than her career and her family. I mean, she straight up said on Monday night that she's there to find a husband. Andi is telling fans of the show exactly what they want to hear, but I feel a little pang of guilt that her "true love" might come at the expense of all she's worked for.

Either way, I'm confident Andi, who's been adamant about wanting to be "real" with us all, knows what she's doing. I hope so, anyway.

Watch her intro here:

Image: ABC