'19 Kids And Counting'. Keyword: Counting

Would you believe it if you heard that the Duggars want more kids? What if you heard that the parents who spawned 19 kids and the series 19 Kids and Counting were making active attempts to have more babies? Well, believe it, Internet: the Duggars visited a fertility doctor because they want to make sure that Michelle Duggar can keep on poppin' out more babies. Hey, the title of the show is 19 Kids And Counting. Apparently, "and counting" are the operative words.

In this clip for Tuesday night's episode, you can watch Michelle Duggar take a trip to her OBGYN, which as all of us know is a prime place to bring a camera. She's 47, which is a tough time for moms to conceive, but hey — it's possible. She's still devastated from her last miscarriage, though, so she's really hoping that some kind of higher power can let her mother more babies.

What's odd, though, is to see how much this woman wants to have even more kids. How the hell does she even afford it? And isn't 19 enough? Or is she hoping for a series expansion called 20 Kids And Counting? I'm not the first to say something similar to this, but kids are not Beanie Babies or Pokemon cards. You don't need the most on the block.

But that's why we're so fascinated with this family, I guess. This is so abnormal, but pretty darn fascinating, nonetheless. Check it out. (Pops birth control pill.)

Image: TLC