Tattoos on Your Teeth Are Really Stupid, Please Don't Get Them

Look, I'm not your Catholic grandmother. You can get whatever tattoo you want, where you want it. I'm not here to judge you for your tramp stamp of a butterfly. But please, please do not get a tattoo on your teeth. There is just no way you won't regret it about five minutes after you've exited the dentist's chair and reflected upon what you've just done.

Never heard of tattooed teeth? Neither had I, but apparently the procedure has been around for about a decade.

If you are really dying to have the symbol of your favorite Hogwarts house from Harry Potter tattooed on your teeth, I won't stop you. But you are going to permanently look like you need to brush your teeth from across the dinner table, so you might as well cancel every date on your calendar. And forget smiling with your mouth open in photographs, lest you want to everyone thinking you had a chunk of salsa on one tooth when your wedding or graduation photos were taken.

Furthermore, you can't forget about a tattoo on your teeth. You will see it just about every time you stand in front of a mirror and you'll get sick of looking at it that much faster. These are your teeth, so do what you will. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

Image: trickscully/Instagram