Lena Dunham’s Mom Starred In ‘Tiny Furniture’ & Now Mom’s Returning The Favor… Sort Of

Lena Dunham's mom may have been one of the stars of her first film, Tiny Furniture, but that doesn't mean Dunham gets a lead role whenever her mom directs. Laurie Simmons has cast her daughter Lena Dunham in her new film My Art and according to Simmons, it's a very small role. You see, being a famous actress/writer/director of a hit TV show does not mean you get every huge part. Even if it is in a movie being made by your mother.

Simmons played Dunham's mother in Tiny Furniture and her role wasn't that much of a stretch. The movie was filmed in Simmons' actual NYC apartment which, like in the movie, also serves as her real photography studio. Simmons is well known in the art world for her photography and has also made films in the past. One of them, 2006's The Music of Regret, is a three-act musical short starring Meryl Streep. Simmons also had a role on a 2013 episode of Girls and, if you're a Gossip Girl fan, you might recognize her from a guest spot playing a celebrity photographer.

Simmons' new film with the part for her daughter is titled My Art and is about an aging woman artist. Of Dunham's role Simmons said, "I have little part for Lena in the film, which she seems excited about. A very little part."

There isn't much information available yet on My Art — whether Simmons will play the lead role in addition to directing or whether Dunham will be playing the artist's daughter, for instance — but it is said to start filming in August.