Who Is Drake's New Girlfriend? And Is He Over Rihanna? See The Revealing Instagram — PHOTO

Someone should totally devise a way to get paid for keeping track of Drake's expanding roster of girlfriends. The ideal candidate deserves a spiffy title like Drake's "Romance Research Inquirer," and the position would come complete with a 401K plan, the latest and greatest laptop and unlimited access to Drake's entire musical catalog, which would definitely serve as a nifty resource for gathering clues in an effort to pinpoint the identity of his newest chick. We all know how he loves to name-drop his old flames in his music. I would take on the gig myself but sadly, I lack the dedication an undertaking of such magnitude requires. Fortunately, such sleuthing won't be needed to identify Drake's latest alleged girlfriend.

According to the evidence found on the almighty Instagram, Drake took his very own "All Me" approach in introducing his new lady by posting a photo of himself and the supposed new woman in his life with the caption, "Me and my boo since way back when and every now and again @Fairytailshair haaaaa." This obviously has everyone believing he's moved on from Rihanna (again?) with Brandy Prince. So who is she and how does she measure up to the notorious heartbreaker Rihanna?

Her father J. Prince is CEO of Houston-based Rap-A-Lot Records and is credited with discovering Drake prior to his Lil Wayne/Young Money affiliation. Brandy's brother J. Prince is currently engaged to singer Christina Milian.

Judging by Drake's photo caption and the span of his relationship with Ms. Prince, they obviously have some far-back ties, but I'm not sure I'm ready to call them a couple just yet. After all, her brother was present for their dinner date, and as romantic as Drake appears to be, he doesn't strike me as the type to put the moves on a girl in front of her brother.

For quite some time, the revolving door that is Drake's love life has been a running subplot alongside his love for the city of Houston, his eyebrows and his sorta creepy obsession with Aaliyah. This latest development (if you can call it that) doesn't really confirm or deny anything other than what we already knew, which is the ladies love Drake. This Prince situation may be worth monitoring for those who care to try and keep up, but with Rihanna rumors constantly swirling about, we prefer to wait on Drake to tell us so we know it's real.