Adorable Bathing Dogs (Wet Dog Smell Not Included)

It should be common knowledge that it's best to have a camera with you whenever you have a dog around lest they do something particularly hilarious or adorable. French photographer Sophie Gamand certainly knows this — her "Wet Dog" series has transformed a dull daily ritual into a hilarious treat.

Earlier this year, Gamand brought her camera to pet stylist Ruben Santana's Bronx studio to snap intimate photos of pooches during one of their most hated activities. Keeping the 12 energetic rascals still was the tricky part, she says, since they were continually wiggling and shaking during the shoot. This collection of photos is meant to celebrate "dogs for what they really are: more than just animals," according to her website. Although each photographed dog appears utterly miserable and terrified, their irresistibly charming personalities shine through, and we're able to see them at their most vulnerable state.

View some of the wet pups below, and just try to contain your squeals of delight. Here's hoping that Gamand's next project is of cats at bath time — something tells us they'd be less than good humored about the whole endeavor.

Gamand is working on a book of wet dogs, so if you can't get enough of these photos, you'll be able to purchase your own book of soggy canines in the fall of 2015. For more of her work, check out her website and Facebook page.

Images: Sophie Gamand/Facebook