Butt Facials Are A Thing Now. Really.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I'd really like my butt to be more exfoliated, have a healthier glow, and be luxuriously pampered in a high-end spa environment?" Yeah, me neither. However, if that is a desire that you've had any at any point, then you, my friend, are in luck. Get ready to have the most beautified booty in all the land, because Williamsburg salon Skin by Molly has a solution for you. Yes, the butt facial has arrived. Ok, whatever, beauty industry. You win.

When salon owner Molly was approached by a client for a solution to her "butt acne" dilemma (was there ever a more appropriate time to say "first world problems?"), Molly said that she had just the solution. Obviously. And according to Molly, there's no judgment coming from her end. Skin is skin, she said and "acne can flare up anywhere." Fair enough.

Combining techniques of Macro exfoliation and a peel with steam, the "Shiney Hiney" (I'm not kidding) treatment will leave you with a glowing, blemish-free derriere. What's really more important than that, right? Especially if you have plans to rock a super revealing swimsuit this summer.

And in case you weren't already concerned with the superficial nature of our generation, butt selfies are apparently a very real trend at the moment (thanks, Jen Selter). Given all of this, I guess for some it would be pretty important to have a clear and shiny booty — ya know, for Instagram photos and what not. Now my question here is if Instagram filters aren't going to make my butt look better and/or virtually flawless in an IG photo, then what purpose are they even serving? But I digress.

Butt facials (and butt selfies for that matter) are not going to be for everyone, this much I think we can all agree on. And they definitely aren't going to be for me. Personally, I could never justify spending that $60 on pampering my booty when the possibilities of everything else I could buy with that money are virtually endless. A six-month supply of Twizzlers? Great. Six to seven full outfits from Forever 21? Absolutely. A selection of overpriced hand lotions? Yup. Like, six Chipotle burritos? I mean, let's think about this, guys.

And besides that, maybe I'm just a little hesitant to bare my butt to a random salon employee. No, the idea of casually dropping my pants and getting my booty exfoliated by a complete stranger really doesn't appeal to me. Call me old-fashioned.

If you're like me, and would rather skip the whole butt facial thing, then you're actually in luck. Because apparently, there's a DIY manual for butt facials too. Who knew? Happy exfoliation, all!