Watch These Women Try To Sing While Masturbating

Has the rapidly warmer weather got you feeling frisky? You're in luck, because May is masturbation month, and what kind of stick in the mud refuses to celebrate that? Because orgasms are a beautiful and natural thing, but some women are made to feel guilty about their sexuality, perhaps a little clean (basically SFW) inspiration is in order. These adorable women, members of a Dutch band named ADAM, masturbated on (well, off) camera while they were being recorded from the torso up, singing their new single. And the results are delightful.

As you can see below, the singers start out pretty nonplussed, but then they start to grow (understandably) distracted. After a while, that look of pleasant disbelief comes over their faces as the big moment arrives. If that catchy tune gets stuck in your head, it's called "Go To Go," and you can listen to it without the masturbation part here. And because role reversals are all the rage, here's the male version of singing while masturbating. Without devolving to sex-negativity, let's just say it's somewhat less entertaining.

Why masturbate? Well, besides the obvious reason (orgasms!), it can help you get to know your own body better, sleep sounder, and relieve stress. International Masturbation Month was inspired by former U.S. surgeon general Dr. Joycelyn Elders, whose 1994 suggestion that masturbation (a mention of it, not necessarily a seminar on technique!) should be included in sex ed curricula contributed to her being fired. That's ridiculous! Masturbation is great. So rub one out in a toast to Dr. Elders this month. (But you don't have to sing while you do it.) (unless you're into that.)

Image: Bustle Stock Illustration