It's Time To Try Argan Oil For Real

Keeping my face radiant under my matte finishing powder has become an everyday effort. I've grown tired of listening to suggestions to add a foundation or additional cover-up, finding it too risky to spend more money just to potentially smother my pores. Obviously, in an ideal world, we would all glow naturally and eventually be able to go make-up free forever.

We've all heard the term "liquid gold" before: Urban Dictionary describes it as "a liquid, gooey cheese" and perhaps, your little nephew describes it as what he's left behind in an unflushed toilet. The ravers that live next door to me describe the pills they pop as "liquid gold," while my mother refers to it as her stand-by to clean the wooden finish throughout the house. All solid descriptions. My own personal "liquid gold," however, is the argan oil that I use under my mineral powder to give my skin a beautiful glow. Instead of applying a temporary layer of sparkling glow, argan oil works from the inside out, so it actually heals your skin.

For centuries, local Berber women in Southwest Morocco have made the oil by cracking the argan nut in between two stones by local Barber women in Southwest Morocco. Once the nut is cracked, the kernels are extracted, then hand-ground in a stone grinder before it is hand-kneaded for several hours and cold pressed. This lengthy process provides the purest form of argan oil that comes packed with vitamin E, fatty acids, and antioxidents, making it an exceptional skin restorative and anti-aging treatment. It takes one woman up to three days to make about a liter of argan oil, which means it's super valuable and therefore often super expensive!

Unsurprisingly, this oil is a celebrity fave. Been wondering how what makes Eva Mendes's long locks and healthy glow that keep Ryan Gosling comin' back for more? The beautiful Mendes was quoted in 'Hello!' Magazine by standing by argan oil as her skin secret. Sold on shelling out the extra cash for some pure argan oil at your local beauty store or vitamin shop? Check out some ways you can be that much closer to celebrity status looks!

A quick FYI before we go too crazy: The argan fruit is considered a tree nut, and due to the heat-pressing process, this nut contains allergenic proteins. Anyone with a tree-nut allergy should probably sit this one out.

Natural Face Glow

To get that natural glow I'm always on the hunt for, I use a few sprays of argan oil on my face after my normal skin regimen is complete. I let this sit for at least a few minutes before applying any other makeup so it really seeps in to my pores.

Hair Sealant

If you're suffering from fried strands, try using a sealant while your hair is still damp to ward off frizz and breakage. Water evaporates more quickly from curly hair, and argan oil is an amazing way to lock in that moisture. To keep your hair shimmering like Selma Hayek's beautiful mane, fill a spray bottle with argan oil and water (use higher portions of water depending on how fine your hair is). Don't worry about looking dirty — argan oil is non-greasy and gentle on sensitive scalps.

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lip Scrub

You've got your skin and your hair lookin' top-notch, so why not add argan oil to your lips to stay kissable this summer? This recipe from Mind Green Body is deliciously flavored and incredibly moisturizing. Add argan oil and vanilla extract to fine brown sugar to make a super yummy exfoliator for an irresistible pout. Those of you about that almond oil life, get extra moisturized by replacing vanilla extract with almond and let the celebrities envy you for a change!