Kristen's Husband Makes Sexist Comments

by Caitlyn Callegari

Oh, HELL NO. Though I thought I'd be fixated on the Ramona-vention in this aptly titled episode of Real Housewives of New York, "The Ramona Trap," it turns out that I was way more focused on the Taekman relationship. First off, let's mention the Ramona enlightenment dinner for just a second. While I'm glad the ladies didn't let her leave (you go, LuAnn, you elegant, royal linebacker, you), their deliverance of Ramona's ass to her was anti-climactic at best. They all seemed to chicken out when they had to tell her that they caught her red-handed. There were no acceptable excuses she could give them and yet they kept on letting her break them down with her "poor me" sob stories. Enough is enough — you were caught at Molly Simms' party. Give it up, girlfriend, and just admit you thought you were too cool.

Let's move on to the real meat of the episode, shall we? The Taekman marriage. Yikes. Now, I like Kristen, I really do. To me she seems authentic — a real real housewife if you will. Also, I sincerely feel for her, because of her issues with her daughter Kingsley's developmental setbacks. It has to be terrifying for her to not understand what is wrong with her daughter, and having legitimately zero help or support from her partner only elevates her fear rather than alleviates it. Though Josh "showed up" for little Kingsley's therapy treatment, he might as well have not been there at all with the amount of interest and attention he devoted to the half-hour session.

But even worse than not caring about his daughter's well-being, what he said to Kristen about not coming home every night took the cake: Josh is officially the worst person in Housewives history. He cited his disinterest in his family as the result of Kristen's lack of a warm meal on the table and that if she'd prepare him a home-cooked meal once in awhile maybe he'd come home. Noting that that would make her a "proactive woman." OKAY.

Though I stopped myself from jumping through my screen to claw his eyes out, I thought I'd make a list of all of the archaic and sexist things Josh would like for Kristen to do so that he'd feel compelled to come home at night:

1. Be barefoot.

2. Be pregnant.

3. Be barefoot and pregnant.

4. Not speak unless spoken to.

5. Get a signed letter of permission to leave the house.

6. Wear an apron.

7. Iron his slacks.

8. Serve him a scotch on the rocks as he catches the Ed Sullivan show.

9. Model — but in front of everyday household appliances, like the ice box and the vacuum.

10. Know her rightful place — the kitchen.

The worst, right?