They're Having a Baby!

by Kadeen Griffiths

Sorry in advance to any OC fans who were still hoping that the real life Seth and Summer would one day find their way back to each other again! According to US Weekly, Rachel Bilson is pregnant with Hayden Christensen's baby. Bilson and Christensen have yet to confirm the news themselves, but Us Weekly's sources report that "everyone is beyond thrilled for them".

Bilson and Christensen first met in 2007 during filming for Jumper and were engaged for two years from 2008 to 2010 before splitting up and making up. Although the engagement was never reinstated even after their relationship was, Bilson has gushed about her desire to start a family before. Just a year ago, her May 2013 interview with Cosmopolitan had her gushing that "having kids is something I want to see in my future."

Before Christensen, Bilson was romantically connected to her The OC co-star Adam Brody before breaking up with him in 2006. Christensen has been rumored to be linked to co-stars in the past, such as Star Wars co-star Natalie Portman and Factory Girl co-star Sienna Miller, but he and Bilson have kept their relationship low-key and private since rekindling it in 2010.

This will be the first child for both celebrities.