She Wants You To Put Kale On Your Nails

Kale is like that one girl in high school who was so cool and trendy, and you couldn't even hate on her because she volunteered to save baby whales after school and was actually like, super sweet even to the weird smelly kid who sat in the back of math class. It's sort of obnoxious how popular kale is, but honestly? It's for good reason.

Recently, the superfood has been moving from our salad plates straight into our beauty products — kale-infused facial serums are all the rage at the moment. And now we're gonna have to start putting it on our nails, too. Almost-as-cool-as-kale Alexa Chung has just signed on as the face of Nails Inc., a UK-based polish company, for the brand's 15th anniversary. According to Women's Wear Daily, Chung is collaborating on a six piece collection of "fabric-inspired polishes," and, most importantly, a base coat called Nailkale which is formulated with the leafy green stuff.

I've basically come to blindly accept that kale is super awesome and good for me and who really cares why, so I'm down to start slopping some on my mani. It can't hurt, right? Plus, some health food blogs have told me kale makes hair, skin, and nails look amazing because it's packed with omega-3s which helps plump up your cells. Besides, what could be more *fashion* than matching your mani to your green juice?

Image: Instagram/@nailsinc