Weed in Your Skin Lotion? Yup!

This country is having a "put weed in everything" moment, largely thanks to legalization and decriminalization. But let's not forget the well-documented medical benefits of cannabis. One company has harnessed the healing power of marijuana with weed-infused skin lotion.

Apothecanna is a luxury skincare line based in (where else) Denver, Colorado that makes skin products with cannabis flower extracts. They supposedly won't get you high, but they allegedly will cure a variety of skin problems. So there's that. Apothecanna currently sells pain cream, stimulating cream, and calming cream at $36 for an eight ounce bottle, $12 for two ounces.

Given the fact that there are proven skin benefits from marijuana, the brand's claims aren't too far-fetched. According to The Gloss, Apothecanna claims "cannabis extracts are highly effective in treating a variety of muscle, joint, nerve and skin conditions." The lotions include the following ingredients:

“flower oil extracted from cannabis plants with other natural plant extracts such as grapefruit, peppermint and lavender, to form lotions that are ‘powerful anti-inflammatories’, capable of reducing swelling, pain, and irritation.”

Who knows, maybe applying cannabis extract topically will do wonders for skin — at the very least, horay for it being a natural beauty product. Hemp, which I like to think of as cannabis' legal cousin, is already a well-known lotion ingredient that supposedly helps cure dry skin. Perhaps cannabis extract really can provide relief to those with serious skin problems. But are we sure it won't get you even a little high?