These Cookies Promise to Make Your Boobs Grow

Snacking on cookies often results in bigger waistlines or bigger behinds, but never exclusively bigger busts — until now (allegedly). According to The Daily Mail UK, a Japanese confectionary company has invented an herbal cookie that claims to enhance a woman's breast size.

The "miracle" sweet treat, called F Cup Cookie, is made with a plant extract from Northern Thailand called Pueraria Mirifica, which contains a molecule similar to estrogen that can mimic the biological activities of the hormone. And in case you were wondering, an F cup in Japan translates to a DD cup size in the United States, so the cookie company's claims are rather hefty.

The company, called B2Up, says that consumers should eat two cookies per day to see a noticeable difference in their cup size. Each cookie contains 50 mg of Peuraria Mirifica. They come in two different flavors: Soy milk or praline and chocolate. F Cup Cookies also markets itself as a low calorie cookie (70 calories per cookie) and that in addition to getting bigger boobs, you'll also "feel and look younger." Wow! What a deal.

So, do they really work? Blogger Lemon Drop gave the cookies a trial run and said that while she "noticed more cleavage," she wouldn't be ordering them again anytime soon. "For the boob-obsessed out there who want a final verdict? Take two weeks of that hard-earned F Cup Cookie money and get a push up bra from Victoria's Secret. No parched throat or weird, unhealthy side effects." (Or, you know, just rock your boobs as they are? What?) However, blogger Walking Into My Dreams totally disagrees, and is all for it. She even posted before and after pictures "proving" that they work.

A nutrition expert told The Daily Mail that "phytoestrogens are in numerous foods and to date there is no research to show that ingestion changes breast size." Another issue with Pueraria Mirifica extract is that in addition to increasing a person's breast size, it can also increase their appetite, which can lead to weight gain all over. I mean god forbid you end up with a bigger waistline and the same repulsive tiny tits, am I right?

This isn't B2Up's first breast-enhancing product, by the way. The F Cup Cookie comes after the success of their Bust Up Gum and Breast Capsules', both of which contain the same extract used in the cookie. In addition, they offer something called 'Pink Nipple Cream,' which is pretty self-explanatory. In case you couldn't tell, they're a an exclusively breast-centric company.

Although you may not believe the company's claims, B2Up's products are selling like hotcakes (or should we say hot cookies) in Asia — F Cup Cookies are currently sold out on their website. Bummer, boobs.

Image: F Cup Cookie