Mike Myers' Support of Kanye West's Hurricane Katrina Rant Is 9 Years Late

In an interview with GQ Magazine, the truth, after nine years, has come out: Mike Myers was actually supportive of Kanye West's disapproval of President Bush and his mishandling of the Katrina Hurricane rescue effort. Forever embedded in our collective cultural memory is the image of West standing next to Myers during a Red Cross telethon for the victims of Katrina back in 2005, where 'Ye uttered those immortal words: "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Cut to Myers' face twisting into a mask of utter horror, shock, and disorientation, like he was suddenly the star of the movie Memento. "How did I get here?!"

But turns out, Myers agrees with West. He told the magazine:

I don't mind answering the question but the emphasis of it being that I'm the guy next to the guy who spoke a truth. I assume that George Bush does care about black people — I mean I don't know him, I'm going to make that assumption — but I can definitively say that it appeared to me watching television that had that been white people, the government would have been there faster.

Myers, are you just doing this now to get back in the good graces of the world now that Kanye is a household name? West later remarked that he regretted making the statement, so it's definitely a victory that Myers has come out to say that he supported West in his controversial statement, but, hmm. Where was that camaraderie nine years ago? West faced so much backlash and he could have benefited if the man standing next to him had, well, stood next to him.