Villains Holding Koala Bears on Tumblr Is the Internet at Its Finest — PHOTOS

Sometimes you need a hug from something really cute — like... oh, I don't know... a koala. So what could be better than this Tumblr, "Villains Holding Koalas," which features, appropriately enough, famous villains holding koalas. Oh, praise the lords of Photoshop and the Internet. This is delightful.

Because — when it comes down to it — didn't Linda Blair's character in The Exorcist just need a koala as her head spun around in full rotation? Didn't Freddy Krueger need an accomplice — one that you would likely find in the forests of Australia? And at the end of the day, what Voldemort really needed in his arms was a koala, correct?

Even if these characters didn't need these adorable furry creatures to quell their villainous appetites, the juxtaposition of seeing iconic mean guys cuddling koalas as though they are tourists in Australia is pretty spectacular. It just goes to show you that the Internet does, indeed, love you.

All we can hope for is that this Tumblr will grow into the villainous koala behemoth that it's meant to be, but for now, enjoy, and check out the rest over here.

Yup. Sometimes you just need to hold a koala.

Image: villainsholdingkoalas/Tumblr