Check Out These Sweet Decorated Graduation Caps

As if successfully completing four (or five...) years of school isn't enough of a daunting task, each year and every year creative college and high school graduates ready their extra-strength glue guns and glitter to design their very own grad caps for when they finally receive their degrees. Specifically, students get crafty with the top of the graduation cap — and things can get pretty crazy (as they usually do when glue guns and glitter are involved). Of course, not every graduate opts to decorate their cap, but there are always a few designs that are done over and over again. Typical designs include initials, monograms, sorority and fraternity references (mostly sorority, let's be honest), inspirational quotes, and various assortments of glitter. Also, surprisingly, a whole lot of Harry Potter references.

But in an age of Pinterest, Instagram, and DIY madness, I obviously expect grad caps to get more and more creative. After searching through various hashtags on Instagram, it's safe to say that students are definitely upping their game when it comes to grad caps. I'm talking studs, pop culture references, legos, and Game of Thrones. Need I say more? In honor of the crafty tradition, here are 15 of the most clever and creative grad caps on Instagram to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Emojis? Yes. Always Yes.

Let's start with my personal favorite. If there ever was a more appropriate time to use the "sassy, happy, dancing, red dress" lady emoji, it is when graduating.

Image: Instagram/@monso0n

2. Dreamcatcher

How can you NOT be impressed with the detail that went into this? Dedication, guys. Dedication.

Image: Instagram/@swysocki

3. Game of Loans

"Interest is coming." I mean, come on. This is just plain awesome.

Image: Instagram/@raebabi92

4. Great Gatsby

As someone who loves reading (and F. Scott Fitzgerald), I can't help but appreciate this. Lovely, unique, and so individualized.

Image: Instagram/@hooked_on_books_8

5. Tiffany's

This says "I appreciate nice jewelry, but also my mom and dad," which is just really classy, you know?

Image: Instagram/@ilovewennie

6. Legos

I am both impressed that someone is this dedicated to Legos AND that someone found the time to do this.

Image: Instagram/@sammyi92

7. Flower Power

A "statement cap," if you will.

Image: Instagram/@liccalicious

8. Self-Promotion

Ok, Jordan Hibbs, you win at marketing yourself for jobs. You win.

Image: Instagram/@jordanhibbs

9. Art Major?

*Starts searching for professional artists to design future graduation cap*

Image: Instagram/@talitkrose

10. May The Jobs Be Ever In Your Favor

I feel like this is a good mantra for all graduates in this day and age.

Image: Instagram/@jenguyen

11. I Wonder What She's Going To Be When She Grows Up

Yes, that is a stethoscope.

Image: Instagram/@crissygarcia23

12. Fun In The Sun

Who knew a graduation cap would make you want to go on a vacation ASAP?

Image: Instagram/@alizajoyx3

13. Tell Me About It, Stud

For the dangerous graduate in all of us.

Image: Instagram/@saia_ari

14. Up

Everyone loves Up. And adventure. So it's hard not to like this adorable cap.

Image: Instagram/@alissaann

15. And They're Not Just For Humans...

Not only can you have a fabulously decorated graduation cap, but your pet can have one too, apparently. Also, this works out well if you just have an extremely tiny head.

Image: Instagram/@babysophiemasca