'Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice' Title Is Causing a Big Debate but There's 1 Clear Winner

It is time. The hypothetical title Batman Vs. Superman is hypothetical no more — although it's really just the hypothetical title slightly altered. The official title of the Batfleck vehicle is now Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice . It's already vaguely controversial.

Considering that this title has only been out for public consumption for a few short hours, it's kind of astounding how many courtroom jokes have been made at the film's expense. It brings up a lot of questions, including "was the courtroom thing on purpose?" The answer? "Probably."

People really are tearing into this thing, and because of this, we need order, and yes, also justice. The only thing to do is try to figure out right from wrong. Good from bad. Light from darkness. It's what Batman taught us to do, after all. So let us hear what both sides have to say about the title Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, weigh our options, and figure out how this all makes us feel.

The prosecution, who hates the title, claims:

  • This will lead to an insufferable amount of Batman V the Board of Education jokes.
  • We are not in court.
  • Whaddaya think you invented justice or something?
  • Like really, are there specific lawyers for superheroes? That would make sense, but we as an audience were not expecting a superhero courtroom movie.
  • Uninformed people might assume this is a movie about Batman Vernon Superman, a person whose parents had terrible naming tastes.

Here are the prosecution's main players, and their statements:

The defense, who like the title, claims:

  • It seems like superheroes would get into a lot of legal trouble???
  • If you ask me, the average international moviegoer does not think about Roe V. Wade or Brown V. the Board of Education nearly enough.
  • Batman is essentially the equivalent of justice.

Here are the defense's few players, and their statements:

As both the judge and jury in this matter, I should note that, while I was neutral at first, the more I stare at the title Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, the more it makes me a little sad for DC's production and marketing teams. Because Marvel must be having a ball in their offices right now.

Verdict: This title sucks. But maybe it'll get better with time.

Case closed.

Image: Twitter