'Girl Meets World' Premiere Is Online Now & Here's Where You Can Watch It

All of you waiting nervously in anticipation by your television for the premiere of Girl Meets World can exhale a sigh of relief: You can watch Girl Meets World right now online. That's right — RIGHT. NOW. While the Disney Channel premiere of the show doesn't air until June 27, the first episode is already released and ready to be devoured.

The premiere can be viewed on Disney's WATCH Disney Channel streaming service. Sadly, you need to actually be subscribed to Disney Channel through a participating service provider to access the stream, so hopefully you didn't decide having Disney on your channel line-up was too immature for your dorm-room taste.

News that one of the original Boy Meets World cast mates would be returning (OK, so the character was just a baby at the time) hit the interwebs Wednesday morning. That is, baby Joshua, the little brother of Cory, will be making a return as a 14-year-old teen. The first episode of the series follows grown-up Cory and Topanga in their lives as parents to Riley.

We can only hope that more original cast members will stop by and make an appearance.

Images: Disney; Tumblr