Why You Should Put Vinegar In Your Hair ASAP

Warm weather has arrived, albeit begrudgingly, and as excited as I am to wear short shorts and crop tops? I am not looking forward to the oily complexion that summer brings to my beloved face. The humidity melts off any concealer I apply, making me even more conscious about how I look au naturel. No one wants their face to be confused with the greasy grill at a BBQ — it is just not a good look.

To start problem-solving, I needed to understand why my skin hates summer heat. I was pretty shocked to read on Eucerin's website that summer weather brings loads of summer skin blues: With high humidity, the skin's natural moisture is actually stripped, thus causing overproduction of oil and dryness at the same time. Not only that, but the high air-conditioning indoors verses the high heat outdoors effects our skin's natural ability to act as a barrier between the outer elements and our healthy bods.

There are great natural astringents out there that can even skin tones and absorb excess oil, but for the past couple of years, my summer love has been apple cider vinegar (ACV). It honestly keeps my skin luminous all day, everyday!

Plus, for those of you that love a dual face and hair routine, get ready for the best news ever: Apple cider vinegar can be used to keep a shiny mane as well. Because hair is naturally acidic (and this is especially true for my kinky cousins out there!), apple cider vinegar can neutralize your hair daily. This delicious condiment is not only great on fries, it's a natural detangler and cleaning agent. ACV closes the cuticles around your hair, so you get a brilliant shine to otherwise dreary locks.

Wary of the smell? You'll notice once you rinse this super ingredient off skin or hair the odor is basically eliminated. Plus, want to lock in moisture at the same time, any of your fave oils will mask unwanted scents with its own. Check out some key ways to work ACV into your beauty routine this summer.

Vinegar Hair Rinse

This rinse is amazing to add shine to your hair and keep the frizz at minimum. Some recipes vary depending on hair type, but I use equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar. I also use this rinse to remove harmful build-up from styling agents and shampoos or, if you're in NYC, that dank city air! If you are itchin' for more vinegar hair remedies, check out Black Girl Long Hair's site for additional recipes that are specific to your hair type.

Facial Toner

I can't tell you enough how pumped I was to find apple cider vinegar. It really keeps my skin healthy and clean throughout the summer, but this toner can also be used as a nightly treatment on a freshly washed face through all four seasons. I simply use a travel size bottle and squeeze a dime-size amount onto a cotton ball, lather up my face and go to bed. The downside to using this twice a day is the smell, but a few drops of a yummy smelling oil completely masks the scent. Feeling doubtful? Scarlett Johansson is just one celebrity who's boasted about using ACV on her face and, I mean, c'mon. She's got some seriously flawless skin.

Bad Breath

Plagued with bad breath after you doused your eggs with hot sauce and onions? Sources say a teaspoon of ACV can be your warrior against foul breath, so go ahead and drink a teaspoon after smoking or eating food smothered in garlic. It's an awesome, natural alternative to mouthwash.

BONUS TIP: ACV not only helps with skin and hair care; it is also a well-known remedy for digestive problems.

Ready to commit to apple cider vinegar? Get up on THIS!