Kristen Stewart's 'Clouds of Sils Maria' Trailer Is Dark & Dramatic — VIDEO

Kristen Stewart — dramatic artist? Hmm, maybe. In the Clouds of Sils Maria trailer, we see Kristen Stewart co-star as an assistant to an aging actress, played by Juliette Binoche, and it's a much more dramatic part than we're used to from the former Bella Swan. The movie, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, looks like it will be pretty good, but what's more is that it looks like it will give Stewart another opportunity to flex her acting muscles beyond the Twilight franchise and the other emo roles she's known for.

The film, which is helmed by Olivier Assayas, chronicles Binoche's character and her relationship with her assistant, Valetine, as Binoche's character goes through a crisis about aging. Binoche plays a woman who is asked to star in a play that she starred in as a young actress, except rather than playing the stunning, young leading female part, she's asked to take on the role of an older woman, which means — gasp! — she's getting older. That young leading lady part is given to a much, much younger actress (Chloë Grace Moretz).

It appears like it will be a pretty good look into the world of women in the theater business, and hey, it's got a strong female cast, to boot. Yeaaaah, ladies!

Check it out below, but be warned: It's got that music that tells you there will be some heartstring-tugging.

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