Your Daily Dose Of Cuteness!

Having a rough day? Need to watch a video of a baby animal doing something so adorable you’ll “awwww!” out loud? Look no further. I give you: Frostie, the snow goat who could. As brought to our attention by Laughing Squid, this little trooper lost the use of his back legs to a terrible disease. Luckily, thanks to a custom made cart (sort of like a goat wheelchair) he can continue to frolic around in the grass for your viewing pleasure.

So Frostie here has quite the inspiring story. He was born with "joint navel ill," a disease which causes toxins to build up in his freakishly cute body and prevent him from using his hind legs. When he was found by the rescuers of Edgar’s Mission, a non profit farm sanctuary in Australia, Frostie was severely dehydrated and covered in lice. After a few painkillers and antibiotics, he was feeling much better — but still couldn’t use his back legs. Thankfully, since the folks at Edgar’s Mission are so awesome, they provided him with a tiny wheelchair-like cart so he could walk (and frolic, and skip, and be cute in motion) again!

Meet Frostie:

Nature World News also adds that, although the contraption looks as if it were made for Frostie, it was originally built for his pal Leon, a baby pig (I know, more awwwing, you’re welcome). Take a look at the video Edgar’s Mission made about Frostie below:

For more information about Frostie, visit Edgar's Mission's home page.

Images: Edgar's Mission