Tori Amos Has the Most Heartwarming Tradition With Her 13-Year-Old Daughter

When asked to imagine what Tori Amos might keep in her purse, few practical possibilities jump to mind. What, a vial of rare rose oil? A crumpled love letter from a Northern Lad? A handful of loose cornflakes? Thus, Us Weekly decided to get the real scoop by delving into the songstress's satchel with their "What's in My Bag?" feature — and, unfortunately, most of the items were essentially commonplace: fish oil pills, nail polish remover, a set of Invisalign, a book. Still, one standout "everyday item" proved sufficiently whimsical and more than a little bit heart-melting: her daughter's teddy bear.

As Amos explained:

I take pictures of my daughter's Tatty bear everywhere — a nice French restaurant next to a glass of champagne, a toy shop in Heathrow Airport — then I Snapchat them to Tash. That's our little thing.

Now, if that isn't the most adorable thing you've heard all day, clearly you already spent a few hours with that "Slow Loris Getting Tickled" video, and more power to you. But for any kid who grew up on the Letters from Felix series — in which a little girl loses her stuffed animal rabbit at the airport and subsequently receives a series of jet-setting postcards from him — this Snapchat tradition is quite literally a childhood dream come true.

So take note, future traveling moms: Make sure your purse is appropriately bear-sized. Or just buy your kid a super small furry friend — Beanie Babies should totally fit in even the sveltest of clutches, I'd wager.