New Clip From '22 Jump Street' Showcases Hilarious "Brotherly" Love — VIDEO

In 2012, 21 Jump Street surprised us all by being a smart and hilarious hit. Even though it starred Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, we were expecting a boring rehash of a TV series many of us are too young to remember, but instead, it's become a franchise all its own. And now, instead of dreading the sequel, we're anxiously awaiting its premiere. The only question is, will it be as funny as its predecessor? If the new 22 Jump Street clips being released are anything to go by, the answer is a resounding "yes."

With their first success out of the way, the world's unlikeliest comedy duo are more comfortable together than ever, and this new clip — which also features identical twin stand-up comedians The Lucas Brothers, Kenny and Keith — shows just how deeply Tatum and Hill have gotten into the groove. They know exactly how to play off each other, and you get the feeling that they spent more time trying to crack each other up than they did reciting the lines written for them in the script.

Sequels only rarely (if ever) live up to the original, but 22 Jump Street seems like it could be that exception to the rule. I keep telling myself to temper my expectations, but then, the last one featured a surprise Johnny Depp cameo, so who knows what could happen?!

Check out the clip below!