Someone Recut 'Hannibal' as a Cooking Show Because It's Basically Already True — VIDEO

The real reason that Hannibal has episodes that are food-related in some way is because the show is one half horror movie and one half food porn. Far too many episodes involve Hannibal eating an elaborate meal or preparing an elaborate meal for someone else and somehow the knowledge that the meat in the meal isn't fit for human consumption doesn't stop it from looking so, so good. Hannibal's season two finale is going to kill the fandom, perhaps even more so than the season one finale did, but it's not just about the blood and gore. The fact that there's a fan video of Hannibal recut as a cooking show should ease the pain the finale is about to bring — or increase it.

Interviews with the actors are spliced together with scenes from the show, making it look exactly like an episode of Top Chef or Kitchen Nightmares. The best part of the video isn't how wonderfully edited the clips are, however. Instead, the best part is the fact that it doesn't misrepresent the show much at all. The fact that you can re-imagine Hannibal as a cooking show without actually changing or altering any of the footage really says a lot about how much Hannibal the Cannibal loves to put together a good meal.

"Celebrity judge" Lawrence Fisbourne even jokes at one point that it would be nice to take everyone who was ever rude to you, chop them up, and eat them before being called "hammy" by celebrity judge Hugh Dancy. If Hannibal ever gets a spinoff show in the form of Hannibal's Celebrity Kitchen, I'd definitely watch it. It seems like the results would be pretty much the same, especially in the season finale when someone finally realized exactly what kind of meat they'd been complimenting this whole time.

Watch the video below.

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Image: NBC