It's World Turtle Day, guys!

If you’ve ever wished you could bust out your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume out on days other than Halloween, I’ve got good news. Today’s your chance, as it’s World Turtle Day! I know… I didn’t even realize any such thing existed either, but it’s apparently a day meant to celebrate some of the ocean’s oldest creatures and raise knowledge and awareness for their conservation, which are two causes I’m more than willing to support.

So in honor of the special occasion, we thought there’s only one appropriate way to celebrate: By rounding up a few of our favorite viral turtle memes, of course! Check them out below and make sure to do your part by adding your name to this petition that asks world leaders to support ocean sanctuaries.

1. Who could ever forget Jonathan Ware, the kid who uttered "I like turtles" while wearing full zombie makeup on camera? The classic video went viral and even spurred some follow-up interviews. Ah, the beauty of the Internet!

2. This rebel turtle's escape attempt made headlines and it's not hard to see why. This shot is worth more than a thousand words!

3. This fiery little guy, known as "Ninja Turtle," spurred countless memes with catchphrases, like "Come at me boo," "Rawr," and one of my favorites below.

4. It's this turtle's world, we're just living in it.

5. Wait for it..wait for it....and BAM! He's awake.