Taco Bell's Beer Milkshake Dream Has Been Crushed, and It's A Sad Day For America

Awkwardly, it seems that Taco Bell's spinoff fast food chain, U.S. Taco Co. & Urban Taproom, won't actually have a taproom. Yup Taco Bell's much-longed-for beer milkshake isn't happening — at least not at the first location in Huntington Beach, Calif. The Mexican food chain ran into a small problem when trying to acquire a liquor license in a town that's already enforcing stricter alcohol rules. Not only does this mean that patrons of the new upscale chain can't enjoy the appropriate beer with their taco, but the world will also have to wait for a fast food restaurant to introduce the beer milkshake to the world, an anticipated menu item. (Phew.)

Now, instead of serving beer with their tacos, the U.S. Taco Co. & Urban Taproom will instead serve soft drinks, such as glass-bottle Mexican Pepsi and Olde Brooklyn soda at its July opening, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. This also means that Taco Bell had to revamp it's original plan to suggest taco-beer pairings — like lobster tacos with blueberry beer from Maine — to suggestions for taco-soda pairings. And the brilliant plan to sell milkshakes with Guinness beer and tequila will instead be served virgin. One day, America. One day.

But this is still a huge milestone for the fast food industry. The concept of serving alcohol at these kinds of restaurants hasn't really been introduced until now. So, what kinds of alcoholic beverages would be fitting for a fast food chain? Well, maybe these three...

1. Strawberry Daiquiris

A simple move for the creative-thinking fast food industry, these delicious drinks are sure to convince people, at first, that alcoholic beverages at fast food restaurants aren't as terrible of an idea as they may think — just like they convinced us all that eating Dollar Menu burgers is actually more convenient.

Just bring a designated driver.

2. Adult Chocolate Milk

First off, I promise that this is a real thing. Just as fast food restaurants give children an option between milk, soda, and juice, restaurants could start giving adults the same options. This 40 proof lacquer (oh yes, you read that correctly) is simply a mix of chocolate milk and vodka.

Make sure your kids aren't around while you drink this with your breakfast burrito, though.

3. The Bacontini

The next big thing in breakfast foods, this drink is best served at night — not with breakfast. A version of the bacontini served at a bar in Las Vegas mixes bacon-infused vodka, Tabasco sauce, olive juice, a little bit of bacon grease on the edge of the glass, and, of course, a slice of bacon.

Yet, in New York, another club serves the bacon cocktail with bacon-infused bourbon, maple syrup, bitters, and a twist of orange. Whichever version they go with, this drink seems only fitting for a fast food restaurant in a country obsessed with bacon.