Her New Ad Campaign Is The Best Thing

You know what I admire? A girl who knows what she likes and just straight up owns that signature look again and again and again. In this case, it's Quvenzhané Wallis and her puppy accessories. She is rarely seen on the red carpet without a canine-shaped purse, but now she's moved on to the big time: REAL LIVE PUPPIES.

Armani just released images of its new campaign for the brand's new tween-centric line, Armani Junior, and they are by far the most precious photos I have ever seen try to sell me clothes. Wallis is killing it in a silky, tailored suit, balancing a tiny little pup on her shoulder, and flashing the cutest grin. I really can't take looking at it for too long because of the adorableness overload.

The Oscar-nominated 10-year old has just the perfect level of enthusiasm about being picked to be the face for the brand. Wallis told Merle Ginsberg at Pret-a-Reporter that she "liked that [Armani] was so thoughtful" and that "all [her] friends are going to want to borrow [her] clothes." Yep. I think you can count on that, Q.

This chick has got it going on. Ever since Wallis's crazy adorable and eloquent interview about fashion with Andre Leon Talley, I've had my eye on her as a fierce style force about to make serious moves on the red carpet. Now that she's hit the double digits, I can't wait to see all the awesome fashion choices she makes for the future. Hopefully she never ditches the dogs.

Image: Armani