His New Gig Is Totally Unexpected

In super weird and random celebrity style news, Nev Schulman is now the face of Rocawear. Wait, what? Rocawear like terrible gold foil all over terrible baggy jeans Rocawear? Oh, my.

Nev! You're a stylish dude! With Catfish basically taking over the world, I feel like he could pretty much have his choice of fashionable ventures. I mean, obviously it makes sense that Schulman would be a model. Have you seen his face? It's actually perfect. But what drew him in to Rocawear specifically? The garish graffiti patterns? The decidedly un-hip below-the-knee shorts?

Oh my god — what if Schulman was actually catfished (by the way, despite what my autocorrect is saying, that's a word in the dictionary now if you haven't heard) into this? Someone sent him an e-mail from asking to if he wanted to be in "an ad campaign" and he was just like, "Yeah, this seems legit." Then Schulman showed up on set and they were like, "What?! We never said it was for Tom Ford! Silly Nev!" and he realized he had been a fool for not getting Max's opinion on the whole thing before he committed.

Okay, well, before I get too out of control with conspiracy theories, maybe we should actually check out the ads.

Oh, wait. He looks hot.

Like super hot.

I take it all back. This is the best idea anyone has ever had.