This Can't Be Happening

by Erin Mayer

Say it isn't so! ASOS has a new shipping policy that renders free shipping on all orders a thing of the past. Is nothing sacred anymore?

As of this Wednesday, ASOS has established a $4 shipping fee on orders under $25 for Stateside customers. You can no longer order a $10 velvet scrunchie by itself and get free shipping. (Don't look at me like that, scrunchies are cool again. Haven't you seen Heathers: The Musical?) This is such an injustice! What if I just want a $10 scrunchie and nothing else?! Why should I have to now pay $14 for a scrunchie? I can buy six at CVS for like $5.99.

The change also affects international ASOS customers. According to Fashionista there will be a minimum £15 (or the equivalent depending on currency) now mandatory for no-cost delivery with an alternative charge of £3. UGH. There goes the neighborhood.

Luckily, most items at ASOS cost more than $25. But still. ASOS was once a haven where online shoppers didn't have to overspend just to stroke their obsession with free shipping. We were free to order just a scrunchie whenever we damn well pleased. Now, those days are over. If you want the velvet scrunchie, you'll have to buy a boho flower crown you don't need just to make the $25 minimum. What's a wannabe Heather to do?