Chocolate Putin Figures Are Popping Up In Ukraine, Because Revenge Is Sweet

Admirers of Russian President Vladimir Putin, eat your heart out. New chocolate Putin figures have been spotted in Ukraine, the country the Kremlin is currently not-so-subtly trying to annex. One of the chocolately Putins show the world leader wearing striped prisonwear and clutching a bomb behind his back, The Moscow Times reports. Another, pricer version has him wearing a Napolean hat and a straightjacket.

The chocolates come in a white chocolate variety, too. Yum! Except you might want to rethink eating one you bought from a stand. Apparently they're targets for spit, because a sign underneath a standard "Do Not Touch" admonishment reportedly reads: "Do not spit on Putin."

The creator of the figurines, according to The Moscow Times, is Yuriy Nazaruk, who's known for creating controversial and popular brands in Ukraine and is based in Lviv. The figurines have also been spotted at the Chocolate Workshop in Lviv.

Nazaruk's been quoted goading Putin with his chocolate protest, The Moscow Times reported.

After Putin has become your own, you can do whatever you like with him. There are people in this country who could eat Putin figures in many different ways.

This is sweet revenge, as the KyivPost noted:

... People now have the chance to bite his head off.

Mmm. Putin.

Image: @epaulnet/Twitter