Burberry Skin Care is Coming!

This is the best news you didn't know you wanted to hear — Burberry skin care is coming in 2015! I am expecting some anti-aging magic from the brand famous for the most timeless topper of all, the trench coat.

Christopher Bailey announced the new product category in his first public address as CEO. He revealed that Burberry is "seeking to become a top-10 beauty brand" with the new skin care line and to increase revenue from the existing beauty categories such as fragrance. The company has hired executives from other high-fashion-turned-beauty brands, including Chanel, to help with the transition.

Burberry, which opened its first fragrance and cosmetics store in December, plans to add more beauty boutiques and counters, Chief Operating Officer John Smith said today on a call with reporters. He declined to say how many. The company will introduce skincare products as soon as late 2015, he said.

So far there are no other details about the skin care range, but I can only imagine there will be products to make me look as fine as a silk plaid scarf. No pressure, Burberry, really. I just want to be as ageless as you are.