'Hannibal' Ends And We Have So Many Questions

by Keertana Sastry

Wow. So many emotions. Just as we all suspected, NBC's Hannibal Season 2 ended on a ridiculously high note with so many insane revelations and so much blood. Oh, so much blood. Thankfully we know that in less than a year, Bryan Fuller and the Hannibal gang will be back to attempt to catch Hannibal, give us more scenes with the creepy Verger siblings, possibly introduce us to Hannibal's aunt/past love interest Lady Murasaki and give us the aftermath of everything we've witnessed in the Season 2 finale.

But before we all go crazy trying to come up with more Season 3 theories about every tiny little detail from the recently ended season, let's just try and process all of the information that has just been thrown at us. First and least importantly, I have to mention the perfection that is Hannibal's calligraphy. Ok, done. Moving on. We began the episode with lots of talk about escaping; Jack's wife returned with more talk about escape via death, while Will and Hannibal spoke of escaping together from their inevitable arrest. This theme became extremely important in the last 20 minutes of the episode.

A Familiar Face Is Alive... For Like, A Second

After the fight between Jack and Hannibal began, we get glimpses of Alana arriving at Hannibal's home to try and find Jack. Alana arrives at Hannibal's kitchen as Jack locks himself inside the pantry and the full extent of Hannibal's evil is revealed. She attempts to shoot Hannibal but he removed her bullets (of course) so makes her way upstairs for safety and more firepower. After finding more bullets and shooting at Hannibal through a closed door, she turns around to find that Abigail Hobbs is ALIVE. And not only that, Abigail apologizes to Alana, then pushes her out of a second-story window.

Then Abigail reveals herself to Will, who arrives late to the murder party and later after Hannibal tells Will that he knows about his double-agent status, he slits Abigail's through right in front of Will. Just like Abigail's father, Garret Jacob Hobbs did in the very first episode. How very full-circle of you, Bryan Fuller.

Hannibal Stabbed Will

Before Hannibal delivers his final blow to Abigail, he first gives Will a quick lesson in manipulation. "Do you think you changed me the way I changed you?" Hannibal taunts Will. Will believes he has changed his former friend and therapist but Hannibal proves him wrong by stabbing Will in the stomach. This moment is actually a long time coming as it happens in the novel "Red Dragon" when Will discovers that Hannibal is the Chesapeake Ripper. It's a very smart nod to the books and it'll prove to be a useful tool toward either Will's desire to avenge himself and Abigail or his fear of trying to find Lecter again later.

Who The Heck Is Still Alive?

So at this point in the series, Jack has been stabbed in the neck and makes a potential final call to his wife, Alana is barely hanging on to her life after getting pushed out of a window, Will is bleeding out and is forced to watch Abigail bleed out all over again. So who will return next season? We know Will won't die, that's obvious. But literally everyone else's future is up in the air.

Hannibal's Future... WITH BEDELIA?

In the final and most surprising twist of them all, the last scene shows Hannibal on a flight, presumably on his way to France as the flight crew are speaking French. As the stewardess walks up to Hannibal to get his drink order, the camera pans to reveal that Hannibal is sitting next to Bedelia Du Maurier. That's right, the therapist who told Will she believe his innocence and warned Will and Jack that if they think Hannibal will be caught, they're crazy. She's also the person who told Will that Hannibal is quite impressive at persuading people to do whatever he wants. So is Bedelia is a victim who just does Hannibal's bidding out of fear for her life or is she his accomplice? I believe it's the latter. But that's just something we'll have to wait to find out next season. Ughh, is it spring of 2015 yet?

Images: NBC; Livejournal/cleolinda