Kim Kardashian Is Getting Married In Florence, So I Hope You Placed Your Bets Right

Kimye is in Florence. I repeat, Kimye is in Florence. This is not a test. After months of wondering where the heck the Kimye wedding would really be taking it place it has been reported — nay, there is photographic evidence that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are getting married in Florence. This means no more talk about it being in Paris or at Versailles or not actually happening and this all being a crazy front set up to distract us from their real wedding in Australia next month. Kimye is getting married TODAY in FLORENCE.

According to the Daily Mail, Kim arrived to, Fort Belvedere, with members of her immediate family around 3 p.m. Florence time. Kanye is said to have arrived about 90 minutes later. Okay, so we know the city and the venue. Things are finally starting to make sense.

Earlier in the day, guests were flown from Paris to Florence for the ceremony as was expected. According to Glamour, it seems as though Kim arrived the night before, leaving right after the rehearsal dinner. It makes sense. A bride wouldn't want to take a flight right before getting ready for her wedding. The night before is totally reasonable.

As has been the case this entire time, guests and family members have continued to Instagram the entire time which means we got to see the guests hanging out pre-flight:

On the plane:

And grabbing a coffee before the ceremony:

It's happening, you guys!

Images: Jonathan Cheban/Instagram; Larsa Pippen/Instagram; Brittny Gastineau/Instagram