You Can Wear Pajamas In Public — Here's How

Getting dressed in the morning is the WORST! Matching your separates, gauging the work-appropriateness of a hemline, wondering if your outfit reads more Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary than young professional — it’s a lot of duress to put yourself under before you’ve even had coffee. And most traumatizing part of the process is parting from your gloriously comfortable pajamas. Especially in a vulnerable early morning state, suiting yourself up in non-elastic waist pants just feels so unnatural! So much hampering of movement, it's downright cruel...

That’s the beauty of the weekend — you can hang in your jammies all day! There’s no need to make those tough style decisions in the morning, because there’s nobody to impress beyond your cat, no codes of decency to follow, and no pressure to conform to anyone else’s idea of what looks respectable. It’s the lazy girl’s favorite thing to do!

But does that ultimate state of comfort really need to be confined to our houses? Aside from an arbitrary set of social norms, there’s no reason that this ultimate state of comfort should be the requisite uniform of cabin fever. Although the popular association with wearing pajamas in public is one of slobbery, times are a-changing. With recent trends favoring comfort, you can totally get away with PJ’s into sportswear. It’s truly a glorious moment to be alive! Follow my handy guide to bringing your sleepwear to the street, and you can make every day a lazy Sunday. Because you actually woke up like this.

Image: Tumblr

Supersize your tee shirt

Image: ASOS

Some shirts you can push it to the point that they’re actually dresses. Those amazing cotton tee-shirt dresses are a great way to achieve this. Just pull on some bike shorts and you’re ready for the road. Other tees will actually require that you clothe the bottom half of your body. I know, it’s a serious compromise. Still, all those one-size-fits all tees from Field Days and Fun Runs in elementary school were made to be worn with a handsome pair of jorts.

Maximize your onesie inventory

Image: Topshop

Sure, jumpsuits may make going to the bathroom a bit of an ordeal, but onesies are truly God’s gift to the slothful fashionista. Attach your shirt to your pants, and you’ll never have to worry about matching outfits ever again. Throw on a cropped denim jacket and a couple pieces of costume jewelry and you’re ready to fool some people into thinking that you didn’t spend the last 36 hours in the same item of clothing.

Drawstring pants will save your life

Image: The Gap

Lucky for workout junkies, the activewear trend is in full force at the moment. Even luckier for total couch potatoes, because the days we spend in our activewear are reserved for doing absolutely nothing. And this has made drawstring pants into a fashion item. Hooray! Paired with a fruit of the loom tee, a pair of tennis shoes and a leather jacket, and you’re straight up channeling Cara Delevingne.

Raid Dad’s closet for worn-in undershirts

Image: SanMar

They’re just plain better than the new ones. Soft and worn-in, shrunken to give you the perfect amount of room, and are technically totally free. Thanks, Dad!

Slips slips and more slips


Slips are a great thing — they prove that glam and laziness are not mutually exclusive. Throw on a little sheer shrug over one of these ultra-comfy ladylike throwbacks, and you basically have a dress! Pair with some pumps, slap on some red lipstick, and you're channeling Elizabeth Taylor circa Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Don’t be afraid to go full on matchy-matchy

Image: Anthropologie

Throw it back to some Limited Too era PJ realness. Especially in the summer, when you can find lightweight, cheeky-printed sets basically everywhere, it only makes sense to take advantage of this option that A) eliminates the chore of matching B) doesn’t hamper your movement and C) gives you a Kenzo look.

Shop Loungewear!

Image: Anthropologie

This oft-neglected retail subset has some pretty choice hidden gems. You'll find Chemises galore, little cotton dresses, and some completely wearable little PJ shorts are hiding away in these e-commerce sections that you can easily just forget to look through.

Own your lazy girl swag

If you catch any haters glancing askance at your laid-back style, just brush off your shoulders. You're pushing the limits of society's Puritanical mores of dress, which makes you a straight up bad bitch. So, if someone gives you the stank eye and asks if you're wearing your pajama pants, just throw up your hands and be like...

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