Is Beyonce On Vacation To Avoid Kimye's Wedding?

After months of questioning whether or not Jay Z and Beyonce would attend Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding, even up to the final moments before the couple said “I do,” it seems that we now have our answer. Instead of the Florence, Italy selfies we were all secretly hoping for, Beyonce posted a picture of herself in bed on Instagram. Hair braided, makeup less (but still beautiful), and hanging out in a black tank under her covers, it doesn’t seem like Queen Bey was quite ready for a wedding.

It’s probably safe to assume that, no, she did not go Kimye’s wedding. And maybe that’s for the best. Instead, some sources say that the power couple decided to vacation in the Hamptons for Memorial Day weekend, rather than participating in what will surely be an over-the-top celebration.

This doesn’t exactly seem far-fetched when you consider how relaxed Beyonce looks in her Instagram photo. Most notably however, was the timing of this image, which may or may not cause some sort of dispute in the future between herself and Kardashian. Bey’s picture was published around the same time that West and Kardashian were reportedly in the middle of their wedding ceremony.

Some fans from both sides have even come to speculate what the timing of Beyonce’s image means, with some saying it was a bit catty for the singer who many of us have come to adore.

Then there are others who don’t even believe the photo is from today, meaning that she could still be at Kimye’s wedding but is merely posting images of herself to Instagram during their nuptials. But would Bey really do something like that?

Then, of course, there were simply those who could care less about Kimye and just want to learn more about Beyonce’s new hairdo. Hey, this is Beyonce we're talking about. You didn't think all of her fans would be concerned with Kimye, did you?

Image: Beyonce/Instagram