Bruce Willis & Wife Post Breastfeeding Photo Because They Know It's Not Weird

Breaking news: Boobs feed babies! That is, in fact, their main purpose, though so many parts of our culture conspire to blind us to that biological fact. Which is why when celebrities like Bruce Willis and wife Emma Hemming-Willis post photos of their baby breastfeeding, it's both adorable and quietly important.

The photo is, as you would expect, a baby attached to a boob, going to town on the biologically sanctioned way to feed a baby. It's captioned "breakfast of champions," because babies really do have the best life.

There's a periodic discussion that happens around the concept of breastfeeding in public, so even if this wasn't exactly taken in a bustling cafe it's nice to have some celebs publicly reppin' something that is part of the multiple-times-daily reality of a whole lotta mommas worldwide. This isn't the first time Hemming-Willis has used social media to talk about the realities of feeding tiny humans with her boobs, either. One of her recent tweets reads as follows:

Nothing like answering the door and realizing your boob is hanging out after the fact #BreastfeedingMom

That's pretty damn adorable if you ask me. And that's exactly what breastfeeding should be: Cute, because babies, and not shocking or scandalous because of deeply embedded fears of women's bodies. Hemming-Willis also retweeted a tweet expressing how refreshing her breastfeeding pride is:

Oh, and here's the breakfast itself: