Christina Ricci is Pregnant & Successfully Kept the News Private for a Very Long Time

Mila Kunis should have taken baby-hiding tips from Christina Ricci, who is the new winner of the paparazzi vs. privacy game. The news that Christina Ricci is pregnant and expecting her first child wasn't confirmed until now, although it's clear she's been pregnant for awhile. The actress is expecting with her husband James Heerdegen, a camera technician, whom she met while filming the TV show Pan Am.

On Friday, her baby bump (the worst term ever) was large enough that the story skipped right past tabloid pregnancy rumors and straight to a confirmed certainty. She was seen at LAX airport with an un-hideable tummy and her rep owned up to the truth. The size of her bump shows that she was able to keep her pregnancy a secret from the magazines for a pretty long time, so kudos to her!

Clearly this is one new mom who has learned a thing or two about privacy from the paparazzi. With her skill hiding her bump from the press, we wonder if she'll manage to keep her baby's birth a secret for a while too. Maybe she can pick up some tips from other notoriously private star Megan Fox who kept son Noah's birth hidden for almost a month before the paparazzi found her out.

This baby will be Ricci's first, but if this tweet is any indication...

...she's going to be one fun mom with a little breakdancing child. When she does finally choose to share all the details we can't wait to hear about her parenting escapades. See her baby bump below: