Wiz Khalifa Tweets Jail Selfie After Being Arrested, Because Live-Tweeting is For Every Occasion

Usually when a famous person is arrested it's only a matter of time before their headshot becomes available for public consumption and, often, becomes part of the conversation surrounding them for a long time after. We have to say, though, rapper Wiz Khalifa's got most people beat when it comes to jail-set photos. Khalifa — real name Gregory K. Allen — was arrested Sunday at the El Paso International Airport, after Khalifa allegedly tried to get through security without identification, leading to a secondary screening during which a TSA Officer "located a metal container inside of the backpack which contained a prohibited item." Whoops. And yes, it's been confirmed that the item in question was a half a gram of weed.

But the story here isn't that a celebrity was arrested: It's that Khalifa pretty much live-tweeted his arrest, which is a pretty fantastic response to have to a situation like this. It is just a misdemeanor charge — and with a bond of $300 — so it could have been a lot worse. Khalifa seems to know that, too, though he still seems put out enough by the whole debacle that he's tweeted and re-tweeted roughly a million times in the past eight hours.

His first was a shot of a cell door (his?) with the caption "Free Trap Wiz."

Followed by the jail selfie, the only next logical step in the trends of funeral selfies, after sex selfies, and James Franco selfies. We wouldn't be surprised if the next big selfie was some combination of the three.

Then he just kept talking about his music and his jail time, as well as retweeting his supporters.

What a whirlwind this has been.

Image: Twitter