Rob Kardashian's Extreme Twitter Overhaul After All the Drama Is a Step In The Right Direction

This Kardashian is looking forward to a fresh start, and he's taking to social media to do it. After skipping out on his sister Kim's "wedding of the year" (allegedly due to his body image insecurities), Rob Kardashian decided to take a small-but-important step to let more positivity into his life. According to reports, Rob has deleted all of his previous tweets from his Twitter account and has started tweeting exclusively positive messages from his handle.

Twitter might seem like a very small part of a person's life, but as a celebrity with just under 5 million followers, taking the step to delete all previous activity and restart with positivity appears to be Rob telling the world that he's ready to turn over a new, happier, healthier leaf. Rob could use a boost of positivity in his life right now, too; the past few months haven't exactly been the easiest for him. He fought off fat-shamers on Twitter after they criticized him for his recent weight gain and he also took to Twitter to vent about his pain regarding ex girlfriend Rita Ora's comments about her new relationship with Calvin Harris.

If anyone could use a Twitter cleanse, it's Rob. Why keep the evidence of past negativity around when you have the power to start fresh, right? Though Rob's been through a lot recently, it's great to see him starting over... even if it is through social media.