David Schwimmer Helps NYPD Solve Stabbing Crime Because That's Just the Kinda Friend He Is

Ross Gellar to the rescue? The man who played a paleontologist is now helping the NYPD fight crime. According to Us Weekly, Friends actor David Schwimmer assisted the NYPD in an assault and robbery case. CNN says there was a fight between three individuals on the first floor of an East Village apartment building, where Schwimmer lives. Schwimmer gave the NYPD valuable information, which is helping police build a case.

Supposedly, a 26-year-old man was having sex with a prostitute when he heard an intruder come into his apartment. The intruder, who the New York Daily News identifies as 21-year-old Robert Rainey, allegedly attempted to steal the man's laptop. When the man confronted Rainey, Rainey allegedly slashed the man in the face with a knife. According to The Mirror, the prostitute, who police are speculating may have been connected to the intruder, sprayed the man with pepper spray before leaving the apartment.

Schwimmer assisted the police by providing evidence of the altercation. The Gothamist reports that Schwimmer provided the NYPD with tapes from the surveillance cameras that he had set up in the building. The Daily News says that Rainey was charged with robbery, assault with intent to cause dismemberment and disfigurement, criminal possession of stolen property, and criminal mischief.

Ironically, Schwimmer was not considered the best neighbor on his East Village block prior to this incident. Gawker reported that Schwimmer angered many of his East Village neighbors with the loud, obstructive construction on his townhouse. Perhaps Schwimmer's aid to the NYPD will help his neighbors have a change of heart.