No 'Mad Men' Spin-Offs For You

If your holding out hope about a Sally Draper in the 80s spin-off, you can put those thoughts to rest right now. Show creator Matthew Weiner says there will be no Mad Men spin-offs but, on the bright side, that isn't because all of the characters are going to die in a fiery explosion in the final episode. Weiner spoke with Deadline about the end of Mad Men, the possibility of spin-offs, and his future plans. As always, he was intentionally vague, but it seems the show will be getting an ending that will be pleasing to fans.

Mad Men is often compared to The Sopranos, a show on which Weiner was a writer, particularly when it comes to fears about Mad Men's ending. The Sopranos had a notoriously shocking and open-ended series finale, so many fans worry Mad Men will end up the same way. Weiner, seemingly put these fear to rest saying, "We don’t want to punch [fans] in the face. We want them to walk away changed or better or at least entertained by it. That’s all I can say." Does this mean we'll get an ending that it just a lonely Don Draper waking up and going to another day at work? Maybe, but at least he (probably) isn't going to throw himself off the side of a building.

As for any potential spin-offs, when asked Weiner responded, "Yeah, that’s it. That’s it... In terms of what is my next project, I am not planning a sequel and I do not have my foot deep in anything else." During breaks in Mad Men filming, Weiner wrote and directed a film titled You Are Here starring Zach Galifianakis and Owen Wilson. It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2013 and was recently picked up for distribution.

So, while you won't get to see an adult Bobby having emotional moments with his own children, you also, likely, won't get another surprise death come series finale time. Sounds like more than a fair trade.

Image: AMC