Get Ready For A 'Smart Home'

Apple has many tricks up its digital sleeve this year. A few weeks after rumors spread that the tech giant is hiring medical executives to develop biotechnological devices, another rumor is circulating: The launch of an Apple smart home platform. That's right — Apple may be taking over your living room with the help of your iPhone and iPad, ushering in a new, Jetsons-style era.

According to tech reports, the Apple smart home technology would use automation software linked to iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, and would most likely work as an iOS app — or apps. The smart home platform would be able to control a number of appliances and systems in the home, including lights, entertainment systems and security surveillance.

Although there's no official announcement from Apple, tech followers say an announcement may come next week at the company's annual developers conference. Plus, at least one patent for an electronic device that can control systems and appliances from another location has already been filed, giving consumers hope that an easy-to-use home automation device is on its way.

But just how will your iPhone control your home? Here's some possibilities for the Apple home invasion, room by room...

Living Room

If Apple is getting ready to unveil smart home technology, then one of its top priorities is turning your iPhone into an all-encompassing remote control for your entertainment appliances, including your TV, DVR and music players. It would be a logical move for the tech giant, which made a jump into people's living rooms recently with Apple TV. What better move, then, to allow people to activate their DVRs while they're out and about?


Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Apple's potential smart home technology is not just about entertainment. According to tech reports, one of the biggest perks of the possible technology is that the software will sync an array of household appliances, so you'll only need one device to control everything from your DVD player to your oven. Considering there's already gadgets such as smart stoves and ovens on the market, it's expected that Apple will jump in and rule them all with just one swipe of the iPhone.

Foyer, Hallways and Garages

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Here's something even more sci-fi: Apple is reportedly working on a wireless system that will automatically turn on your foyer, hallway, bedroom and other lights once you enter by simply detecting the signals sent by your iPhone. The company is also working on similar systems for security and garage-door openers. At this rate, you'll never need your house keys again.